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Resolutions for a New Year

The new year has begun! For many, it is time to look forward to making changes that

will help us create a more fulfilling life. What if you faced and are possibly still dealing

with health problems or loss from last year? There may not be a lot to look forward to.

Being able to accept that there are things we cannot control in life is an important step

in healing and reconciling this tragedy or loss that you’ve been dealing with. Resilience

is recognizing that the best way to deal with disappointment is to develop the strength to

face future challenges. If we choose to experience disappointment as a normal part of

life, we can also recognize that healing is also a normal part of life. We can stay to

recognize that through life we can find our own natural ability to heal. Eventually we

learn to forgive ourselves for being human and experiencing sickness, death and other

obstacles that come along. Slowly and gently we can pick ourselves up after heartbreak

and forgive ourselves for not living up to our expectations. 2020 may bring healing, the

opportunity to find new ways to experience joy, and a new confidence in your own ability

to be calm and stay in the moment. Life‘s challenges test us and force us to

re-prioritize--sometimes in small ways and sometimes in very drastic and dramatic ways.

The stresses and pressures of everyday life become much less important when you are

facing an issue of life and death. 2019 may have brought you pain, but 2020 may allow

you to appreciate the things that are in your life that bring you joy. It may bring the

realization that special moments with loved ones should be treasured, and may help you

experience that precious happiness to be alive.

By Rebeca Bright, PsyD


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