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Individual Therapy

The most common form of psychotherapy is individual therapy. Individual therapy can be invaluable in helping you sort out your problems and emotions in a safe and supportive, yet challenging environment.

Peace River Psychology individual therapy punta gorda

Our training as psychologists enables us to offer unique insights into your personality, coping styles, and problem-solving skills. Through therapy, you will be better able to understand your internal experiences and work toward healing, growth, and creating the life you want.

Start a better life!

Some of the common issues we treat include:

  • Overcoming depression, anxiety, stress

  • Creating intimacy and trust

  • Strengthening self-esteem

  • Developing healthy boundaries

  • Dealing with grief, loss, loneliness

  • Loving without addiction

  • Resolving career conflicts

  • Overcoming codependency

  • Resolving sexual difficulties

  • Healing childhood wounds related to alcoholism, incest, and other traumas

  • Incorporating therapy into your 12-step program

  • Learning effective communication and anger release

  • Developing your ability to express healthy emotions

  • Overcoming money and power struggles

  • Handling addictions and compulsive behaviors

  • Working through midlife crisis

  • Exploring purpose, meaning, spiritual growth

  • Clarifying commitments

  • Freeing creativity, spontaneity and joy

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