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Rebeca Bright Peace River Psychology Center Port Charlotte Therapist

Rebeca Bright, Psy.D.

  • Florida Licensed Psychologist #PY8853

  • Peace River Psychology Center | Port Charlotte

About Dr. Bright

Dr. Rebeca Bright is a licensed clinical psychologist who enjoys working with people of all ages. She offers counseling to children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Dr. Bright especially enjoys helping individuals cope with life's transitions by using a developmental approach to help you identify your strengths and meet the challenges that come with each stage of life.

While obtaining her doctorate at Argosy University in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Bright completed a health psychology internship that gave her a wide variety of experiences. From conducting child assessments to counseling the elderly in nursing homes, Rebeca was able to see how the body, mind and spirit work together to guide and support an individual's journey through life.

In addition, Dr. Bright has worked with families at a substance abuse treatment center, where she helped families support their loved ones undergoing big changes, such as changing destructive behavior patterns and dealing with substance abuse. Family members were comforted by Dr. Bright's firm but gentle honesty and direction at a time of confusion and crisis.

Dr. Bright's perspective has also been informed by her time spent practicing psychology in a correctional institution, where she helped troubled individuals cope with crises in a difficult environment. Her experience taught her that through compassion and understanding, the human spirit can find hope, faith, and eventually joy again… even through the worst tragedy.

Dr. Rebeca Bright is an in-network Medicare Provider.

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