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A large part of a person's hesitation to "see a psychologist" is based on not wanting to be labeled "crazy." However, it also reflects not knowing what psychotherapy is truly all about. Let's learn more about the truth behind psychotherapy together.

Peace River Psychology Center psycotherapy session

"We learn best about ourselves and our behavior through personal participation in interaction, combined with the observation and analysis of that ineraction", Dr. Yalom wrote in 2002. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE -- can benefit from this kind of experience.

Irvin Yalom, Psychiatrist

Change your life

Generally speaking, the purpose of psychotherapy is to provide support, reduce distress and make behavioral changes that will improve your life. Many people experience it as an "unburdening" -- of stress, negative thoughts and feelings, or longstanding secrets that are shameful or guilt inducing. Usually, people find being understood by someone they trust to be validating. 

Psychotherapy is a collaborative verbal process with a professional psychologist; who has your best interest at heart. Initially, it involves building a trusting relationship, goal-setting and the development of one's insight into one's issues. We all have issues, right? 

It is all part of being human in a rapidly changing and stressful world. During psychotherapy, a regular dialogue includes exploring, uncovering, understanding, validating, reassuring --- all good stuff! We want you to feel better than when you first walked into our office.

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