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Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological assessments are recommended by an individual’s primary care physician or specialist (such as a neurologist or psychiatrist) when a change in that individual’s cognitive function is suspected by the physician, the patient, a spouse, relative, or friend of the patient. The assessment is requested by your physician in order to provide them additional information about your current functioning – information that is not readily apparent or conclusive from their own clinical and laboratory examinations.  

Neuropsychological Assessment Punta Gorda

The goal of a neuropsychological assessment is to obtain a comprehensive profile of your cognitive functioning – i.e., abilities to pay attention, remember, think and reason, communicate, etc.  It may also provide information regarding your current emotional and psychological functioning and whether or not there are any particular behaviors or symptoms associated with specific brain functions that may need special attention. 

How it works.

The type of testing you will undergo in a neuropsychological evaluation does not involve any medical procedures such as injections, blood extraction or brain imaging. Instead, it is an examination of brain-behavior relationships, or tests of your current abilities (i.e., your personal strengths and challenges). It consists primarily of verbal and visual questions/tasks and (some) puzzles. All of these are conducted in the clinic, face-to-face, with the doctor at a desk or table. Additionally, there may one or two pencil and paper questionnaires, when considered relevant to the assessment.


Please bring your reading glasses and/or hearing aids if you use them.


The assessment is typically divided into two sessions on two separate dates



  • Estimated Length: 1 hour 

  • What to Expect: An initial interview and screening are conducted to obtain relevant background information and to determine which battery of tests will be appropriate for you. You are strongly encouraged to have your spouse, relative, or close friend with you in this session to assist with disclosing information pertinent to the examination. It is, ultimately, the choice of the patient whether or not they desire the presence of another in the initial interview and screening. 


  • Estimated Length: 2 to 2 ½ hours

  • What to Expect: The initial test session is conducted. Only you and Dr. Pollard will attend this session.* 


  • Estimated Length: 1 to 1 ½ hours

  • What to Expect: The second (and usually final) test session serves to complete the testing.  Only you and Dr. Pollard will attend this session. 


  • What to Expect: The results of the testing are discussed with the patient. You are strongly encouraged to have your spouse, relative, or close friend with you in this session, ideally the same person who accompanied you in Session One. Of course, it is the choice of the patient whether or not they desire the presence of another in the feedback session.

*Occasionally, usually depending on the reason for the referral, a patient may be asked to return on an additional day (between the 1st and 2nd sessions) to complete clinical questionnaire(s), which may take 1 or 2 hours.


Following the final/feedback session, Dr. Pollard will prepare an extensive report of the findings and forward it to the referring physician(s).  You are entitled to a copy of the report if you desire.

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